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At our core, we thrive on independence and the potent fusion of ideas. From concept inception to final delivery, we masterfully navigate the entire supply chain. Fueled by passion, our five housed brands come to life with distinction.

Proudly crafting for discerning individuals, our commitment resonates in every stitch. We create top-tier footwear and apparel, uniquely infused and tailored for both sports enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals.

five brands


The originator of Futbol Lux

Cruyff is a Netherlands-based, internationally oriented footwear and apparel company. We believe in providing an environment that encourages employees to grow and develop their talents and interests. Johan Cruijff believed in the power of imagination and innovation. On the football field, he was renowned for his inventive playing style, introducing new techniques that redefined the game.

Inspired by Johan Cruyff.

Johan Cruijff transcended the pitch, embodying not just athletic prowess but a visionary philosophy. His profound understanding of the beautiful game influenced the brand, offering a diverse range of items tailored for sport-fashion enthusiasts engaged in a divers spectrum of activities.



The brand Off The Pitch is founded in 2016. Under the brand name Off The Pitch we make desirable and custom-made designs for friends of the brand in an independent environment. The products we made when we originated and all product we will make in the future will define the cornerstone of sport, fashion and streetwear.

Inspired by that beautiful game.

Ever since these humble beginnings, Off The Pitch remained bold, independent, disruptive and original, with friends and family at our core. We are widely recognized by the trend-right, urban unisex consumer as a high-quality, easy-to-wear brand with the perfect fit.


Comfort with a purpose

What came first: doing good or feeling good? Our philosophy, and of a whole generation with us, is not within the answer, but within the question. UP helps you to nourish the natural goodness you have in you. With our shared intuitive care for people, and the cloud-like comfort of our shoes; 

UP lifts you up.

Eco-friendly shoes for positive people.


Find Your Freedom

The world of PME Legend is inspired by the extreme, intense, and demanding conditions in which cargo pilots carry out their daily work with their classic American propeller aircraft. A heritage that you see in every PME Legend collection.

Inspired by the rugged life of a cargo pilot.


From Football Heritage 

Meyba’s roots lie in Barcelona with the brand being founded by two dudes in the 1940’s. When José Mestre and Joaquín Ballbé (or ‘Me-y-Ba’) teamed up they had a dream of creating classic swim– and sportswear, and Meyba was born. They became a popular brand, Bringing the people on the sunny beaches of Barceloneta stylish shorts, T-shirts and shoes, but it wasn’t until 1981 that Meyba became an international celebrity..

The Future Is Rooted in the Past.

Talent wanted!

Are you interested in brand-building? Do you thrive in a dynamic, collaborative workspace surrounded by dedicated team members? Choose for us; we’re continuously seeking individuals eager to evolve with us.


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