Passion brings ideas to life

Our journey began in the picturesque Netherlands, where our founder envisioned a world where clothing and footwear weren’t just mere products but reflections of individuality, aspirations, and boundless passion. And sport always is seen as an inspiration.

We set forth with a clear mission – to create and nurture brands that celebrate uniqueness while serving the global community of sports enthusiasts and fashion-forward people alike.

Create – Win – Care

We collaborate with those who share our enthusiasm, value responsibility, entrepreneurship, initiative, and a winning mindset. Our teams strives for excellence at every level to achieve the best results, because we win.

Our commitment to making a positive impact goes beyond our products, it extends to the very essence of our partnerships. We care deeply, and that’s why we choose to collaborate with two remarkable organizations who share our passion for creating a fair and just world.

UP Social Club

The UP Social Club provides employment that focuses on clients with a clear need for labor. Clients who benefit a more protected work environment and professional support in the work that they do.It’s not the labor itself that is the target, but it is all about the process that helps the clients in their development.

Participating in socially recognized work can not only strengthen the identity of our clients at work, but also their identity in society. Therefore, our activities are focusing on integration, the key to participating in society.

Sunday foundation

The Sunday Foundation is an initiative founded Sander de Kramer, with the ambition to offer help in forgotten places in the world. Just like our connection with the members of UP Social Club, the Sunday Foundation finds the need to reach out to communities where more love is needed. Funding to the foundation also contributes to their goal of building new schools in Sierra Leone.

It has to feel good and our product should continue to be something special.


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